TeamBeacon is the newest addition to the TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ platform. Utilizing the TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ On-The-Go (OTG) application, TeamBeacon allows users to send location updates in the background without having to run ATAK or iTAK to do so! We listened to the feedback from you; the end user, and delivered a function that is essential for the day-to-day operations needed to be successful.
Check out the short clip below to help get you started!!

Team Color

The team color that should be used when broadcasting the device location.


Broadcast On/Off

Send team members updates and toggle broadcast to your team on and off.


Team Roles

Team Roles are made up of Team Member, Team Lead, HQ, Sniper, Medic, Forward Observer, Radio/Telephone Operator (RTO) and K9.


Team Types

Team Roles are made up of Ground Troops, Armored Vehicles, Civilian Vehicles, Generic Air Units, Generic Ground Units and Generic Sea Units.