What is TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ ? What is TAKConnect? TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ On the Go (OTG) TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ for WinTAK Beta Track History Basics Track History from the Radial Menu Quick Pic Tool - How to Use Layout Manager - How to Configure Layout Manager - Hide all, reset, and plugins Emergency Tool - How to Use TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ Initial Admin Setup TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ How to - User Management TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ How to -Intro and Navigation TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ How to - Group Management TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ How to - Content Management TeamBeacon Function TAK Setup and Basics - Menus TAK Setup and Basics - Initial Setup for ATAK TAK Setup and Basics - First Four Tools TAK Basics Settings and Support Documentation Settings and Support Documentation-Preferences Route Tool Part 1 - Building a Route Route Tool Part 2 - VNS Route Build Route Tool Part 3 - Edits and Modifications Route Tool Part 4 - Radial Menu Breakdown Route Generation Quick Clip Point Dropper - Basics Point Dropper - Details and sending a point Point Dropper - Finding and dropping a point Point Dropper - Radial Menu Breakdown Packages Packages - TAK Side Overlay Manager - Basic Practices Overlay Manager - Quick Clip My Preferences Mission Pkg Tgt A 2 Mapping and Imagery - Downloading a tileset Mapping and Imagery - 4 Basics Layout Manager Initial Member Setup for TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ (on device) Initial Member Setup through Dashboard Go-To Tool Finding the Users Manual Federation Made Easy with TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ Elevation Tool - Basics Elevation Tool - Using the Viewshed Elevation Tool - Elevation within a route Dropping Specific Mil Icons Drawing Tool - The Basics Drawing Tool - Radial Menu Breakdown and Geofences Clear Content Chat Tool Chat Function Basic CASEVAC How To Basic Route Build Basic Function - How To