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TeamConnect is a SaaS solution hosted in the FedRAMP compliant Amazon GovCloud that delivers next generation TAK Server capabilities. It supports federation with GOTS TAK Servers and provides an intuitive user experience allowing organizations to sign up and deploy in minutes.
Situational Awareness (SA) provides knowledge of what is happening in the area of operation while gathering intelligence in real time. TeamConnect works with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) to provide an SA solution to communicate, push data to others, and see other operators in real time. To put it into layman's terms, it provides you (the user) the ability to see others movements and actions within your group, and provides you with the ability to send data points and chat messages to those people.

TeamConnect Dashboard


TeamConnect Dashboard – Contains a map to show you where everyone is on your team. Chat, see what groups are active, and know how many groups you are federated with.

TeamConnect Server


TeamConnect Collaboration Server – TeamConnect is commercially available Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from PAR Government that provides a state of the art, cloud based, next generation collaboration server that is designed for anyone to set up from a web-based environment and can automatically scale to adapt to any sized incident.

Customization and Support


Customization and Support – A customization solution can be designed to rapidly field, integrate and train the user base on the capability and potential of a powerful SA experience. Through an interactive process that more deeply explores user requirements and standard operating procedures, the PAR team can provide customized workflows that build on solution base capability by creating further synergies with current and future practices customers.