For several years Gv3.0 was maintained under contract by the US Government for the benefit of the DoD and DoD Contractors. Costs associated with software patches, deployment support, and MPEG-LA consortium patent royalties were covered by this contract funding. That funding has ceased.

PAR Government recognizes the value that Gv3.0 provides the community and is committed to supporting the product and our customers. At its own expense, PAR has completed an update to the Gv3.0 application. Changes include support for Windows 10 64-bit, Java version 8 update 212, and licensing updates to enable the continued maintenance of this widely utilized product.

At present, government agencies and commercial contractors can purchase a Gv3.0 license for $200. License keys from previous Gv3.0 builds are not compatible with GV Build 1000 or newer. Please contact us to inquire.