Hurricane Season 2022

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The innovators at PAR Government have developed several tactical capabilities over the years to aid and assist First Responders. Our expert services bring data to the edge, allowing for quick and accurate responses. When a hurricane or tropical storm hits Sit(x)TM provides mapping, communications, and situational awareness so you can be mission ready.


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Our newest feature allows for further situational awareness. From reporting conditions to responding, Sit(x) is your best choice.


Sit(x)™ is your situational awareness tool for any situation.

The Sit(x) platform is interoperable with TAK Server and TAK clients. No matter the affiliation, it provides real-time communication and information sharing for military and civilian personnel.

First Responder Safety Tips

Successful TAK Deployment


The Team Awareness Kit was built to work in challenging environments where network connectivity may not always exist. The items listed below give new and existing users a rough guide of what to prepare for when using TAK during a disaster response scenario:

  • Imagery that has been downloaded over the impacted region ahead of time. TAK will allow you to access this imagery even when network connectivity exists. Sit(x) users can leverage the Content tool to stage imagery ahead of time ensuring that everyone connected has access to the same overhead imagery,
  • Perimeter boundaries/site footprints as file overlays. KML/KMZ and shapefiles are well supported in TAK while working online or offline.
  • A battery pack to keep your TAK device charged. Like network connectivity, finding a constant source of electricity can be challenging during a disaster response scenario.
  • If you have a UAS (drone), check with us to see if its supported by the UAS Tool plugin available to TAK users. Sit(x) can be leveraged to broadcast live full motion video that you capture increasing the overall situational awareness for your team.
  • Access to high fidelity, localized weather data. Contact our team if you need help in getting that setup.
  • Extra USB cables and connectors to support charging or connecting your TAK device. Consider investing in a HDMI connector to plug your TAK device into a larger display to setup a makeshift operations center when necessary.
  • Sit(x) to keep you connected


Please contact us if you have any questions about using TAK or Sit(x) during the hurricane season. Our team will be busy integrating as many data feeds as possible to ensure everyone has the most accurate and up to date situational awareness.




Helpful Community Links

We want you to be safe and have all the resources we can provide you. Below you'll find links to other organizations/resources to help you during these trying times.

National Weather Service

National Hurricane Center



  • If local authorities advise you to evacuate, go right away.
  • Bring your emergency preparedness kit
  • Follow evacuation routes and do not try to take shortcuts because they may be blocked.
  • Check with local officials for shelter locations. 





Staying Home

  • Determine your best protection for high winds and flooding
  • Take shelter in a designated storm shelter or an interior room for high winds.
  • Stay away from glass windows or doors. 
  • Move to higher ground before flooding begins





Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) was originally created by the US DoD for military applications over a decade ago. Now a Civilian version is available for use by first responders and other agencies for free. Download it now from the play store or learn more about its history at


Sit(x)™ for Android - Using TAK effectively requires a TAK Server backend connection. TeamConnect-Sit(x)™ is a Next Generation TAK Server-as-a-Service solution. Hosted in the FedRAMP compliant AWS GovCloud and built by the same company that has been developing TAK for over a decade, Sit(x)™ an easy and intuitive user experience, allowing organizations to sign up and deploy in minutes.


Sit(x)™ for iOS is your mobile situational awareness solution for any situation. For the first time, iOS users have the ability to operate in real time on a moving map display, allowing you to visualize real time data. What started as a military software requirement for United States Special Operations Forces over a decade ago is now a commercially available piece of technology available to everyone globally.


WinTAK-CIV for Windows has a feature set similar to ATAK-CIV. Developed to run on Windows PCs and Windows Surface devices, the WinTAK user experience is consistent with Microsoft applications. it maintains the look and feel of ATAK and works seamlessly with the Sit(x) TAK Server. Download the latest approved version of WinTAK, at (requires account registration).



Sit(x)  Dashboard – Contains a map to show you where everyone is on your team. Chat, see what groups are active, and know how many groups you are federated with.

Sit(x) Collaboration Server is commercially available Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from PAR Government that provides a state of the art, cloud based, next generation collaboration server that is designed for anyone to set up from a web-based environment and can automatically scale to adapt to any sized incident. TeamConnect - Sit(x)™ gives you the ability to connect Android (ATAK), Windows (WinTAK), Web (Dashboard), and iOS users within the same operating environment.

Customization and Support – A customization solution can be designed to rapidly field, integrate and train the user base on the capability and potential of a powerful SA experience. Through an interactive process that more deeply explores user requirements and standard operating procedures, the PAR team can provide customized workflows that build on solution base capability by creating further synergies with current and future practices customers.

share images

Share Key Information – Sharing images can let an entire team know if you’ve discovered something suspicious such as an unaccompanied pack. Share Key Information, Messages, and Images with Embedded Metadata.

Federate Data - Combine new TAK Connect Groups in minutes to quickly share information without all the radio chatter even across multiple organizations. Share track data, chat data, and file data not only between groups but between organizations. Directionality is associated with Federations so you can set data to flow to your specific needs.
Services On/Off - Turn Sit(x) services on and off when connecting to ATAK.

Deactivate/Reactivate Users – Useful when you have seasonal events/users, summer help, ect. Archive users and reactivate them quickly instead of recreating accounts.

Playback - Actions, locations, and tracking of anyone in the group can be played back for post mission analysis or export out as a GeoJSON or KML file to do analysis in a third-party application.
SOS Incident Token - The SOS Incident Feature was designed specifically for Search & Rescue teams to plot coordinates directly into ATAK for dynamic response. This tool effectively eliminates the need for a wide area search method allowing the crew to go directly to the known coordinates of a distressed party. The dispatcher can send an SMS message with a GPS link to the caller, and once that link has been clicked, that latitude & longitude are plotted into the responding groups message as an SOS beacon along with the altitude and any corresponding information like blood type.