Sit(x)™ for iOS




For the first time, iOS users have the ability to operate in real time on a moving map display that allows you to visualize real time data. What started as a military software requirement for United States Special Operations Forces over a decade ago is now a commercially available piece of technology available to everyone globally.


Sit(x)™ for iOS is your mobile situational awareness solution for any situation. This simple, scalable and secure solution runs in the AWS GovCloud and was developed by PAR Government, the same company who brought you the Team Awareness Kit/Tactical Assault Kit for Android and Windows users. Download this application today to enhance your geospatial visualization and situational awareness for whatever it is you and your team are tasked with.

Key Features:

  • Moving Map Display with Real Time GPS Tracking
  • AWS GovCloud (Simple, Scalable & Secure with No Down Time or Admin)
  • Share Key Information, Messages, and Images with Embedded Metadata
  • Change Your Call Sign, Team Role, Beacon Color, and Reporting Interval
  • SOS Beacon Feature Allows Incidents to Be Directly Reported as a Coordinate/Notification

Users who love this application:

  • Military (USMC, Army Special Operations, Air Force, Navy, and Space Force)
  • First Responders (Wildfire, SAR, SWAT, K9, Emergency Management, Public Safety)
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts (Forestry, Hiking, Hunting, Camping, Agriculture, Climbing)

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