Supporting 4K 60 fps video, hyperspectral images, SAR/IFSAR, up to 16 bits per pixel or floating point data - GV-X™ is your geospatial solution.



GV-X displays panchromatic, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, SAR imagery and video, along with related metadata needed for deep analytics. Flexible, resilient and accurate, GV-X out-of-the-box capabilities saves you time, energy, and money. 

Where does GV come from?

Brief history

The GV Product line started over 20 years ago with its flagship product GV3.0™ - the lightweight, deployable FMV Viewer for the Warfighter. As software developed and grew so did the GV product line leading to Gv2F™ and now our most recent GV-X™.

Trusted and used by:

  • NGA IEC Program
Laptop with a hyperspectral image on display.


What are the GV-X main features?

  • Simultaneous display of wide variety of geospatial data and associated metadata
  • Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliant Full Motion Video (FMV) playback with Key Length Value (KLV) metadata
  • Up to 16 bits per pixel or floating point and data
  • Efficient processing of very large NITF images
  • Synchronized multi-video playback based on KLV timestamps
  • Unrestricted export licensing


GV-X running on a laptop



What Operating Systems are compatible?

Linux | Windows | macOS

GV-X, the next evolution of GV3.0, operates in Windows and Linux with macOS in development. Our products are developed and tested in a secure DevOps environment, and there are no export restrictions.

Mission operators at their work stations.


Who is GV-X made for?

  • System Integrators who want highly reliable, flexible, low cost viewer
  • Data Scientists who want to focus on AI algorithms and not the ingest/display platform
  • Sensor or commercial ISR vendors who want out-of-the-box display tool so they can focus on building great hardware not spending time/energy on display software
  • UAS vendors who want a reliable solution for their multi-sense plug-and-play platforms 
Military person flying a drone.

Other GV Products


Gv3.0™ is a Java-based, platform independent raster imagery and Full Motion Video (FMV) viewer that supports management and playback of NITF/NSIF Raster Imagery and MPEG2 transport stream video data.

GV2F logo

Gv2F™ is an extensible toolkit for developers seeking to integrate full-motion video (FMV) into their geospatial software product. The toolkit provides an optimized C media framework with simple yet robust C++ and Java bindings to facilitate development.

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