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Sit(x) Dashboard

Log into your Sit(x) account and create groups, chat, see what groups are active, and know how many groups you are federated with. The Sit(x)™ service provides high levels of confidentiality, integrity, and security for all users and can instantly scale from small teams to thousands of simultaneous users when responding to a crisis situation.

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Sit(x) Video Index

From introductory videos to specific tutorials, this is the area you'll want to check out. This Video Index of training videos gives you a hands-on approach to learning more about the Sit(x) product and how it integrates with TAK. 

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 As a technology-agnostic mobile solution, Sit(x)™ gives you the ability to connect Android (ATAK), Windows (WinTAK), Web (Dashboard), and iOS users within the same operating environment. Create and manage groups within an organization, federate the groups with each other or with other users no matter the affiliation, easily with Sit(x)

What is Sit(x)?

Situational Awareness (SA) provides knowledge of what is happening in the area of operation while gathering intelligence in real time. TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ works with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) to provide an SA solution to communicate, push data to others, and see other operators in real time. To put it into layman's terms, it provides you (the user) the ability to see others movements and actions within your group, and provides you with the ability to send data points and chat messages to those people.


Sit(x) for iOS

Looking to enhance your geospatial visualization and situational awareness capabilities? Then you need Sit(x) for iOS. With plenty of benefits and features, Sit(x) gives you an operational advantage – no matter the challenge. Download and see how Sit(x) can work for you.

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Sit(x) for Natural Disaster

The innovators at PAR Government have developed several tactical capabilities over the years to aid and assist First Responders. Our expert services bring data to the edge, allowing for quick and accurate responses. When a hurricane or tropical storm hits Sit(x)TM provides mapping, communications, and situational awareness so you can be mission ready.

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Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) was originally created by the US DoD for military applications over a decade ago. Now a Civilian version is available for use by first responders and other agencies for free. Download it now from the play store or learn more about its history at


Sit(x)™ for Android - Using TAK effectively requires a TAK Server backend connection. TeamConnect-Sit(x)™ is a Next Generation TAK Server-as-a-Service solution. Hosted in the FedRAMP compliant AWS GovCloud and built by the same company that has been developing TAK for over a decade, Sit(x)™ an easy and intuitive user experience, allowing organizations to sign up and deploy in minutes.


Sit(x)™ for iOS is your mobile situational awareness solution for any situation. For the first time, iOS users have the ability to operate in real time on a moving map display, allowing you to visualize real time data. What started as a military software requirement for United States Special Operations Forces over a decade ago is now a commercially available piece of technology available to everyone globally.


WinTAK-CIV for Windows has a feature set similar to ATAK-CIV. Developed to run on Windows PCs and Windows Surface devices, the WinTAK user experience is consistent with Microsoft applications. it maintains the look and feel of ATAK and works seamlessly with the Sit(x) TAK Server. Download the latest approved version of WinTAK, at (requires account registration).


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