What is TE-Enabler?


When you purchase your TE (Tactical Edition) device from PAR it is pre-programmed with the software you need.

PAR Government is a preferred TE S20 reseller for Samsung Electronics America (SEA). PAR Government supports the TE S20 (and TE S9) through ROM validation so that you know the OS will interoperate with your tactical device, peripherals and networks.

As SEA migrated to commercial release of the Tactical Edition (TE) S9, PAR Government also migrated to a commercial offering of our TACticalServices solution. The name of this commercial solution is TE-Enabler. PAR Government continues to receive requests from customers to enhance TE-Enabler in support of additional mission requirements. We are now offering TE-Enabler and TE-Enabler-Lite. Some of the recent TE-Enabler enhancements by version are listed below.

  • Updated DHCP functionality to support MR1 ROM Release (V4.6)
  • Automatic prompt to enable device admin (V4.5)
  • Compatibility fixes for completely offline on-prem Knox license server (V4.5)
  • Removal of ELM support (V4.5)
  • Integration with Samsung TE S20 libraries (V4.0)
  • DHCP support on the S20 (V4.0)
  • Update of the application signing certificate (V4.0)
  • General maintenance and fix of exceptions experienced in previous releases (V4.0)
  • Activation Status (added in 3.5)
  • Dark Mode (added in V3.4)
  • Tactical cellular toggling (added in V3.4)
  • RNDIS mode for MPU5 (added in V3.4)

Additional helper Apps included with the TE-Enabler package include:

  • Radio Host Monitor
  • Cell-Off
  • Network Monitor

PAR Government supports TE-Enabler with call in or email help, and the license includes sub release (i.e., 4.X) enhancements and upgrades. TE-Enabler supports TE device and Knox licensing which is procured with your the TE S20 device.


PAR Government is excited to release TE-Enabler-Lite. TE-Enabler-Lite is a no-cost software application that can be used to interface Samsung Tactical Edition (TE) S9 and S20 end user devices (EUDs) with tactical radios /networks and SA Applications (i.e., ATAK). TE-Enabler-Lite is derived from the PAR Government TE-Enabler solution. It provides basic functionality similar to the previous Tactical Services (TACServices) Application but with addition of DHCP support. TE-Enabler-Lite is designed to work closely with the TAK Network Monitor application.

TE-Enabler-Lite can be used by Government and contractor entities under the conditions set forth in the TE-Enabler-Lite End User License Agreement (EULA) and the following summary of conditions. TE-Enabler-Lite can be downloaded by registering for it on the pargovernment.com web site. Upon registration a downlink site will be provided.

  • The application cannot be resold, used in sale of an integrated solution, or in resale of TE devices.
  • Ownership of the Application is retained by PAR Government.
  • PAR Government is not responsible for the applications use, or misuse.
  • The product is provided "as is" with no support.
  • This Application is not a GOTS solution, but a commercial solution provided at no-cost for use by end users or Government Program Offices
  • Additional supporting applications such as Radio Host Monitor, Cell Off and Darkmode are not authorized or licensed for use with this No-Cost Application.

To request a TE-Enabler-Lite download go here.

PAR Government developed and deployed the TACticalServices (formerly SAMServices) for the S6 and S7 devices to be used with the special built US DoD SEA Android Tactical ROM. PAR Government released the TACticalServices solution as a no-cost capability to the US DoD in support of the ATAK user base. The TACticalServices software release was provided to the US DoD with Government Purpose Rights.

If you want to request a quote for a TE S20 with the TE-Enabler solution, please contact us here. We offer very competitive pricing for the TE S20 with the TE-Enabler fully provisioned and licensed.

Infographic showing how TE-Enabler works.