Mission Readiness

Synthetic Tactics & Readiness (STAR Suite) 

Offering Readiness Right Now

Among the truths the Special Operations Forces (SOF) instills in its members is, "humans are more important than hardware."

With this in mind, PAR Government offers readiness right now. This capability — geared for our nation's most elite tactical personnel — combines cutting-edge technology with scientifically proven learning and retention techniques, delivering training that matters. We collaborated with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and Joint SOF community for the technical transition and transfer of the Networked Integrated Combat Environment (NITE), a TRL 9 Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) simulation. Building on the NITE capability, and adding our existing technologies, we created the Synthetic Tactical and Readiness (STAR) Suite.

Synthetic Tactics and Readiness Center (STARC):

Partnering with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Special Operations Forces we will host a high-fidelity training environment integrating live, simulator, and computer-generated assets to provide one-of-a-kind on demand readiness training. (Fully operational by March 2023.)


Synthetic Tactics and Readiness Environment (STARE)

STARC capabilities are combined with our existing technology, creating a suite of tools that can be accessed anywhere/anytime for mission critical readiness. STARE includes  Sit(x)™ tactical collaboration system, GV™ FMV Visualization and Analysis Framework, Tactical Edition ROM technology, Team Awareness Kit (TAK) and plug-in technology, ArcGIS Mission Server and Mobile Apps, NINJA Counter UAS technology, Tactical Software-Defined Radio technology, and Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK).


Synthetic Tactical and Readiness Training (START)

START provides a catalog and on-demand individualized training curriculum, scenarios, products, and instruction for rapid readiness anywhere at anytime, delivered either virtually or in person. This dynamic training uses virtual and augmented reality, seamlessly delivering communication and coordination rehearsal prior to the execution of the most life-compromising missions.