TE-Enabler Lite

PAR Government System Corporation's (PGSC) TE-Enabler-Lite is a no-cost software application used to interface Samsung Tactical Edition (TE) S9 and S20 end user devices (EUDs) with tactical radios /networks and SA Applications (i.e., ATAK). TE-Enabler-Lite is derived from our TE-Enabler solution. It provides basic functionality, similar to the previous Tactical Services (TACServices) Application, but has DHCP support. By design, TE-Enabler-Lite works closely with the TAK Network Monitor application.

TE-Enabler-Lite can be used by Government and contractor entities under the conditions set forth in the TE-Enabler-Lite End User License Agreement (EULA) and the following summary of conditions:
  • The application cannot be resold, used in sale of an integrated solution, or in resale of TE devices.
  • Ownership of the Application is retained by PGSC.
  • PGSC is not responsible for the applications use, or misuse.
  • The product is provided "as is" with no support.
  • This Application is not a GOTS solution, but a commercial solution provided at no-cost for use by end users or Government Program Offices
  • Additional supporting applications such as Radio Host Monitor, Cell Off and Darkmode are not authorized or licensed for use with this No-Cost Application.
Read the full End User License Agreement (EULA).

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