Who We Are

Our Core Values

We base our commitment to excellence – to our clients and to one-another – on our foundational values.



Why PAR Government?

We are a technology company focused on delivering essential services and solutions to our Nation’s defenders and her allies. We support federal, state, and local governments through applied research and development, situational awareness products (we are a lead developer of the U.S. Department of Defense Android and Windows Tactical Assault Kit (WinTAK) and Team Awareness Kit (TAK) solutions), integrated systems engineering, and operational support to the global information networks empowering decision makers and enhancing our Nation’s security.

We are a people-centric, technology enabled, growth focused company recognized for delivering innovative solutions that support and defend the U.S. Government and her allies.


Why RRC?

  • Tenured, highly-qualified workforce

  • 85 DISA Facility of the Year awards

  • Broad SATCOM, Telecommunications, and IT support qualifications – providing support since 1974

  • Worldwide, distributed workforce


We want people to flourish. We are diverse. We invest in one another's success. We foster pursuit of our passions.



We are stronger together. We collaborate. We grow through partnerships. We are servant-minded.



We train and equip. We coach. We trust. We delegate decisions. We are accountable.



We support our Nation’s defenders. Our contributions matter. We relentlessly pursue value.



We take on challenges. We work through adversity. We take calculated risks.



We are technology catalysts. We are self-starters. We question, create, and innovate. We are continual learners.

PAR Australia Logo in blue

PAR Australia

PAR Australia provides Antenna and Tower Maintenance for various types of high power antenna systems supporting VLF/LF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF/EHF. Our technicians provide maintenance for towers, curtains, microwave, and rhombic and parabolic reflectors.

Rome Research Iceland logo in blue.

RRC Iceland

Rome Research Iceland (RRI) provides Antenna and Tower Maintenance Support for various types of high power antenna systems in support of VLF/LF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF/EHF. Our technicians provide maintenance for towers, curtains, microwave, rhombic and parabolic reflectors.