Mission Operations


Rome Research Corporation (RRC), a subsidiary of PAR Government Systems Corporation, was founded in the 1970’s as a Technical Services supplier to the US Air Force. Rome Research’s initial contracts supported antenna and RF testing. RRC has transitioned our expertise into a premier technical services company providing worldwide on-site support to the US Department of Defense in the areas of strategic communications, satellite control and information systems.

Information Systems

RRC provides information technology services including helpdesk support, system administration, network administration, information assurance/systems security, database administration, telephone systems management, testing and testbed management, information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)-based service management, and engineering and installation services.

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Satellite Communications O&M

RRC provides SATCOM and operations and maintenance (O&M) services including 24/7/365 terrestrial communication systems support, IT-related support, and telecommunications engineering and installation services.

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Satellite Control Services

RRC ensures functionality and positioning of government satellite assets for DoD agencies worldwide. Our services include operating, managing, and maintaining multiple satellite constellations.

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Telecommunications Systems

RRC provides telecommunications operations and maintenance (O&M) for the Defense Switched Network (DSN) telephone switch for Avaya and Nortel systems. This includes associated DSN local trunking, gateways, remote switching equipment, and ancillary equipment. RRC also performs inside/outside cable plant services, LMR support, and antenna and tower maintenance support.

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